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meet our distinguished family of products

A'Cappella Chocolates.png

A'Cappella Chocolates

artisan crafted chocolates made by Debbas Gourmet, inspired by a Byzantine love for music

Untitled-2 copy.jpg


Untypical Aloe Vera paired with exotic juices to create the perfect drink for active healthy lifestyles, aloe juice blends, aloe collagen drinks, Boba teas & sparkling aloe juice blends.

Blake's Seed Based.png

Blake's Seed Based

seed-based, all natural, allergy-free / school-friendly snack foods - made in a facility free from peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, sesame & more

EO esentials.png

EO Essential Oils & Everyone

plant-based premium bodycare products made with pure essential oils for aromatherapeutic effect & their affordable Everyone line of similar bodycare product made for every body with a kids line too!

Good Mood Soda.png

Good Mood Soda

Ashwagandha infused, caffeine-free low sugar low calorie all natural refreshing carbonated sodas in classic soda fountain flavors


Jen by Alo Drink

Jèn is a delicious flavored water infused with marine collagen peptides and aloe vera.


Made Good

School safe snacks baked with good intentions and wholesome ingredients like organic whole grains and hidden veggies.

Made in Nature.png

Made In Nature

Awesomely delicious organic snacks. dried fruits and nuts, upcycled fruits, plant-based brownies and raw food energy snacks packed with goodness. 

Once Again.png

Once Again Nut Butter

At Once Again Nut Butter, we are proud to offer organic peanut butter as well as vegan, and gluten-free nut butters and nut-free seed butter options. 



guilt-free cookie lineup with nothing artificial ever - allergy-friendly, plant-based, vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free and absolutely DELICIOUS!

RISE Brewing Co.png

RISE Brewing Co.

organic nitro infused cold brew coffees, lattes and teas in shelf stable cans and a new line of creamy organic flavored vegan oat milks and barista blends

Rowdy Mermaid.png

Rowdy Mermaid

all-natural non-gmo, low sugar, low acidity, low alcohol, great tasting botanically blended functional kombucha and tonic blends in ready-to-go cans


Sweetleaf Sweeteners

America’s #1 Zero-Calorie, Zero-Carb, Paleo, Non-Glycemic-Response Sweeteners in Stevia & Monk Fruit varieties, powdered, liquid and flavors galore.

TCHO Chocolate.png

TCHO Chocolates

Farm-to-Bar gourmet traceable co-op sourced chocolates & cocoas from an ethically pro-active Bcorp –organic, fairtrade, kosher, gluten-free, Bcorp

The GlutenFree Brothers.png

The Gluten Free Brothers

Wholesome plant based protein packed gluten-free (of course!) snack foods from an eco-friendly Bcorp

The Good Crisp.png

The Good Crisp Co

A new generation of snacks for millenial families and everyone else . . .  guiltless potato chips, crisps, cheese balls - allergy-friendly, gluten-free, non-gmo


This Saves Lives

A mission based company aiming to end child hunger, with their delicious wholesome all-natural give back snack bars.

Traditional Medicinals.png

Traditional Medicinals

All natural, USDA Organic, non-gmo, fairtrade, fair wild and a certified Bcorp on a mission to heal the world with functional herbal wellness teas.

Undercover Chocolate.png

Undercover Chocolate Co

Natural chocolate quinoa crisps - certified gluten free, certified peanut / tree nut free facilities, non-gmo certified, women owned and family run.

Zevia Beverages.png


All natural carbonated sugar-free sweetened sodas, black/green/herbal iced teas, healthy energy drinks –non-gmo, organic, kosher, gluten-free, fairtrade

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