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A'Cappella Chocolates

artisan crafted chocolates made by Debbas Gourmet, inspired by a Byzantine love for music

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Untypical Aloe Vera juice is paired with exotic flavors of Asia to create the perfect drink accompaniment for active and healthy lifestyles.

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Authentic French brioche, delicious pancakes to-go, and crêpes to-go!

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Catalina Crunch

Keto-friendly lineup of better for you, low sugar, low carb, grain and gluten-free, vegan friendly breakfast cereals, sandwich cookies and snack mixes.

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EO Essential Oils & Everyone

plant-based premium bodycare products made with pure essential oils for aromatherapeutic effect & their affordable Everyone line of similar bodycare product made for every body with a kids line too!


Fillos Americas Made

Traditional Bean & Sofrito blends, and bean and rice blends with recipes and flavors spanning the Americas!

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Go Wild

unshackle your snacking with wildly unexpected blends of nourishing, non-GMO ingredients.


Good To Go

Easily stick to your goals with our deliciously satisfying soft baked KETO bars!


Jen by Alo Drink

Jèn is a delicious flavored water infused with marine collagen peptides and aloe vera.


Kate's Real Food

Organic energy bars and bites that never sacrifice flavor, made for healthy nutrition on-the-go

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KiZE Life Changing Bars

Simple ingredient nutritional energy bars with a #GiveFirst mission to help feed, support, and transform the lives of those in need locally and globally


Made Good

School safe snacks baked with good intentions and wholesome ingredients like organic whole grains and hidden veggies.


Made In Nature

Awesomely delicious organic snacks. Dried fruit, nut, & energy snacks packed with goodness. 


Once Again

At Once Again Nut Butter, we are proud to offer organic peanut butter as well as vegan, and gluten-free nut butter options. 

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QUANTUM Energy Squares

Sustained steady energy from organic green coffee caffeine in a tasty whole food energy bar - gluten-free, non-gmo, plant based protein.


Sweet Leaf / Wisdom Brands

America’s #1 Zero-Calorie, Zero-Carb, Paleo, Non-Glycemic-Response Sweetener.



Telula + Chia is a line of four organic juice beverages, plus the omega-3s and the fiber-boosting power of chia seeds.


This Saves Lives

A mission based company, these delicious snack bars contain wholesome and clean ingredients, are NON GMO and gluten free.


Tony's Chocolonely

A mission based company, Decadent Belgian chocolate shows the world that chocolate can be made differently. 


Uncle Matt's Organic

Uncle Matt's offers a variety of organic and functional juices and wellness shots.


Woodridge Snacks

Woodridge Tempura Chips and Rice Nuggets are hand made with whole grain rice harvested from sustainable fields in the heart of Thailand.